Thursday, April 21, 2011

Macro 20/30: Dumbcane

Macro 20/30:  Dumbcane

...variegated leaf...

Macro 19/30: Ginkgo

Macro 19/30:  Ginkgo

...teensy leaves on our very small ginkgo tree...

Macro 18/30: Dragonfly

Macro 18/30:  Dragonfly

At Big Lagoon State Park in Florida.

Macro 17/30: Former Rose

Macro 17/30:  Former Rose

...what's left when the petals have fallen...

Macro 16/30: Hidden Spider

Macro 16/30: Hidden Spider

I almost didn't see this spider hiding in a convenient knot on a crepe myrtle.

Macro 15/30: Coreopsis


...coreopsis in our garden...

Macro 14/30: Notepad

Macro 14/30: Notepad

...pretty pages waiting for their turns...

Macro 13/30: Screws

Macro 13/30:  Screws

...some of the kind we used for the most recent work on the patio...

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Macro 12/30: Red Brick

Macro 12/30:  Red Brick

...Yeah.  I wasn't feeling inspired yesterday, so we have a nice "textural study" photo.  ;o)

Macro 11/30: Another Rose

Macro 11/30:  Another Rose

I don't know what kind it is, though. It's growing by our gate. I thought it might be a "Joseph's coat of many colors" rose, but now that I see the bloom again, I see that it's not. Well, whatever it is, if it's managed to stay alive under my negligent care this long, it must be pretty hardy (or at least well adapted for this climate).

Macro 10/30: Insect on Rose

Macro 10/30:  Insect on Rose

I'm really enjoying these roses this year. :o) (I can smell them right now through an open window...)

Not sure what the insect is, though.

Macro 9/30: Taluva

Macro 9/30:  Taluva

...a tile-laying game...

Friday, April 8, 2011

Macro 8/30: Thread Crochet

Macro 8/30:  Thread Crochet

There's a new project on a little hook!  I know some people won't understand (and maybe it is counter-intuitive), but there's something very soothing about thread crochet.  Nothing but you, the thread, the little steel hook, and a pattern.  Everything else can just fade into the background for a while as the stitches form out of thin air... :o)

Macro 7/30: Ladybug

Macro 7/30:  Ladybug

I'm pretty sure this is one of those "bad" ladybugs. Oh well. They're still pretty. (For bugs.)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Macro 6/30: Fern

Macro 6/30:  Fern

...growing at the edge of my parents' clearing...

Macro 5/30: Sundial

Macro 5/30:  Sundial

(I need to repaint this sundial and see if I can get it set up to show the time accurately.)

Monday, April 4, 2011

Macro 4/30: Lizard

Green Anole

The lizards are back!  Lots of little green anoles are running around our patio, and I saw a skink out by the car this weekend, too. I love the little bit of aqua/turquoise around the eyes of this type of lizard.

(There are a couple more photos of this anole on my Flickr photostream.)  

Macro 3/30: Blueberries

Macro 3/30:  Blueberries

They're growing...

Macro 2/30: Sugared

Macro 2/30:  Sugared

Donald's "Fruit Salad" candy.

Macro 1/30: Rose

Macro 1/30:  Rose

How many times have I photographed this rose? Seriously. I need to find some new subjects...

Friday, April 1, 2011

April: Macros

I plan to spend April looking at the world through a macro lens.

You may remember that my theme/challenge for January was also to take at least one photo a day with our macro lens, but back then, many of my photos didn't look like macros (because that wasn't the challenge).  This time, the challenge is to take at least one "true" (i.e. close-up) macro photo every day. 

I expect there will be a lot of botanical photos this month... maybe an insect or two... and quite a few common household (and backyard) objects.