Friday, May 20, 2011

My Day, 15/31: Time for a New Doily

My Day, 15/31: Time for a New Doily

I felt like starting a new thread crochet project, and so I did!  It's a pattern called "Summer Splendor".  I am temporarily in love with this green thread.  It's booful, as they say.  It feels vintage-y, too (to me, at least), which I like.

My Day 14/31: Trixie Was Bored.

My Day 14/31:  Trixie Was Bored.

On this day in history, I... took a photo of a bored Trixie-dog.  (Sorry, it's the best I can do.  I can't remember what I was thinking when I took this photo.   Probably I was just too tired to bother thinking of something really reflective of the day...)

My Day 13/31: Lone Pine Breaks

My Day 13/31:  Lone Pine Breaks

The lone, dead pine tree out in the Hurricane Ivan clearing has finally broken.  For a long time after lightning killed it, it stood and provided a roost for the birds, but the wind in this day's storms was too much for it.  The end of an era. ;o)

My Day 12/31: Dog Bones

My Day 12/31:  Dog Bones

I refilled the dogs' bone treat jar.

These bones are huge. I don't like them, because they're really too big to give whole to my medium-small-sized dogs, yet they're not that easy to break in half. Fortunately, we've almost used them up...

My Day 11/31: Painting a Shelf

My Day 11/31:  Painting a Shelf

I painted a shelf that's destined to hang somewhere in the kitchen. It was originally cream-colored, which I thought would just blend in with the yellow-painted walls. This aqua paint should make the decorative details of the shelf more visible, I hope.

My Day 10/31: WearEver

My Day 10/31:  WearEver

I washed pots and pans. (g)
(It happens pretty often.)

My Day 9/31: Clothesline

My Day 9/31:  Clothesline

I tried out my new clothesline for the first time with "regular" laundry (because the sheets I did a day or two before didn't count).  It took longer for them to dry than I had expected. 

My Day 8/31: Haircut for Molly

My Day 8/31:  Haircut for Molly

We gave Molly the first half (?) of her haircut today. It's not an easy job to cut her hair (mainly because she doesn't enjoy the process), so for all our sakes, we left the rest for another time.

My Day 7/31: Relaxing with a "Book"

My Day 7/31:  Relaxing with a "Book"

I spent part of the afternoon curled up on the couch with the new e-reader. (I've written about some of the things I like most about it in this blog entry.)

Friday, May 6, 2011

My Day 6/31: Kindle!

My Day 6/31:  Kindle!

For a long time, I wasn't sure how I'd feel about an e-reader.  Certainly not sure enough to put (what I consider to be) a lot of money into buying one.  But then the prices went down some... and I had a small gift card to use... so I gave in...

And I think it's love at first sight. 

Seriously, I can already tell that I'm going to do a lot more reading because of this gadget.  It's pretty neat.

My Day 5/31: Distraction

My Day 5/31:  Distraction

A granny-square-esque project is a great distraction from the clock when you're waiting to hear that you're an aunt. ;o)

(I'm going to make a cushion with squares of this sort.)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Day 4/31: Blocking Doilies

My Day 4/31:  Blocking Doilies

I tried out a new blocking board today.  It's just a piece of foam insulation board we had left over from another project, but so far, it seems to work well as a blocking board.  It's so much nicer than kneeling on the floor and struggling to push pins through a towel and into the carpet! 

My Day 3/31: Storm Clouds

My Day 3/31:  Storm Clouds

Things look awfully dark in this photo, but the weather wasn't actually that bad. The thunder/lightning even stayed away. Instead, we got a good bit of much-needed rain and some fresh, cool air. We opened our windows and needed a couple of extra blankets on the bed. (Bliss! I always sleep so much better when it's a little bit chilly.)

My Day 2/31: Laundry

My Day 2/31:  Laundry

Stacks of clean, folded laundry give a nice sense of accomplishment.  Too bad the process has to be repeated so frequently...

I almost always fold laundry in our bedroom, where I can turn on talk radio for mental stimulation.  Perish the thought that I should go without entertainment for ten minutes, right?  But it is a boring task, otherwise.

(Psst!  Trixie came to keep me company.  You can find her in the adjacent photo in my Flickr photostream.)

My Day 1/31: Thurn and Taxis

My Day 1/31:  Thurn and Taxis

Donald and I played Thurn and Taxis Sunday afternoon. 

(These games always look so much more complicated than they really are, I think.)

April Wrap-Up & My Day May

April ended on a boring note (photo-wise).  I never seemed to really get into that month's photo challenge.  I ended up just repeating things I've done a hundred times before, and more than once I had to use a sub-par photo because it was the best I managed to snap (at the last minute). 

...Maybe I've had enough of the structured photo challenges, for a while.  Since May snuck up on me (and yes, I maintain that "snuck" is as much a word as "sneaked"), I decided to be a little more "go with the flow" this month and just see how that goes. 

"My Day May" is just a silly way of saying that I'll take a photo of (or relating to) something I do on that particular day.  It may not be the biggest or most important thing I've done each day (in fact, it probably won't), but I'll try to keep them from being just a string of photos of pink roses with the caption "Today I looked at a rose." ;o)

Macro 30/30: Blade

Macro 30/30:  Blade

Donald cut a couple of scrap boards we had left over from the patio cover.  He's making me a little clothesline.  :o)

Macro 29/30: One More Rose

Macro 29/30:  One More Rose

...because the other photos I took turned out too blurry...

The roses are still going, but this bush is slowing down while a different variety is taking over the show.

Macro 28/30: Red Dragon

Macro 28/30:  Red Dragon

This spiky green plant is blooming again.   This is possibly the easiest plant in the whole world.