Thursday, July 21, 2011

Layers 18/31: Dizzy Paintbrush

Layers 18/31:  Dizzy Paintbrush

Painting a couple of baskets to give them a fresh start.

Layers 17/31: Umbrella Palm

Layers 17/31:  Umbrella Palm

Growing under our patio, by the faucet.

Layers 16/31: Clematis

Layers 16/31:  Clematis

Look! It's alive and blooming!! (Historically, I have not had the best experience with clematis.)

This is a cheating photo, by the way. I actually took it on the 17th, since I neglected to take a single snapshot the day before.

Layers 15/31: Purple Leaves

Layers 15/31:  Purple Leaves

More rain.
Drops sparkling on loropetalum, this time.

Layers 14/31: Stink Bean

Layers 14/31:  Stink Bean

We got a couple of new games for our anniversary, including Bohnanza. :o)

Layers 13/31: Twisted Metal

Layers 13/31:  Twisted Metal

Garden obelisk.

Layers 12/31: Lizard


Lizard on the patio. (There's always at least one out there. Usually more.)

Layers 11/31: Rosebud

Layers 11/31:  Rosebud

Almost all my photos this month are awful. (g) Either boring or blurry or both... I probably should have taken a month with no "challenge"...

The rosebush by the main gate is blooming again!

Layers 10/31: Seeing Red

Layers 10/31:  Seeing Red

Now you see her true nature. ;o)

(She's playing.)

Layers 9/31: Trixido

Layers 9/31:  Trixido

Trixie with Kong. And sparkly textural layer.

Layers 8/31: Fingerless

Layers 8/31:  Fingerless

Just what you need in the middle of the summer. ;o) Well, I'll be ready when the first chill arrives.

Handmade crocheted gloves.
On Ravelry.

Layers 7/31: Hydrangea Leaf

Layers 7/31:  Hydrangea Leaf

After some rain.

Layers 6/31: Crepe Myrtle

Layers 6/31:  Crepe Myrtle

They've been blooming spectacularly this year.

Layers 5/31: Kindling

Layers 5/31:  Kindling

Still Kindling along...

(This photo is weird, I know. I should have used a page of text for the textural layer, but I didn't have instant access to one, and I was lazy, so we get this odd "swimming keyboard" image, instead.)

Layers 4/31: Sack of Onions

Layers 4/31:  Sack of Onions

Making baked onion rings...

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Layers 3/31: Clarabel

Layers 3/31:  Clarabel

Clarabel (our new niece) with a silk flower on her head. (g)

Taken on our family's (day early) Independence Day gathering.

(Using textural layers with people seems a little tricky...)

Layers 2/31: Enter

Layers 2/31:  Enter

On this day, Donald put a new door handle and lock set on our kitchen/breakfast room door-- the door that gets used most in our house. The old (shiny brass) doorknob was a real pain and kept coming loose, and since we had to replace it, anyway, we decided to go for a totally new look. 

Layers 1/31: Drops

Layers 1/31:  Drops

A nod to the color green, which we've been seeing a lot of lately.

(Belated) June Wrap-Up and July Intro

(I've been slacking in the blogging department.  No big surprise there, right?)

Well, despite the slacking, I had fun with my month of cross processing.  Whether the same can be said for anyone else is doubtful, but you can't please everyone, so why try to please anyone?  (As they say.)  Unfortunately, I never got around to taking a self-portrait this month, which was originally high on my mental list of photo subject ideas.  (I was too lazy.  Getting a decent self-portrait-- meaning one that I am willing to share on the Internet-- is hard, compared to just snapping Yet Another Photo of Trixie, who is so much more photogenic than I will ever be.  Alas!)  I'll just have to cross process a self-portrait the next time I do manage to take one. 

For July-- because, yes, I'm doing a month-long project for July, too, even though we're knee deep in it already and I'm over a week behind on posting-- the subject is layers/textures... Each photo will be made up of (at least) two layers-- the "main" photo layer and a textural overlay to add atmosphere.  (Or something.) According to the Rules (which I make up as I go along), the textural layer of the photo need not be taken the "day of".  Instead, I'll draw on a file of texture photos I've already taken and set aside for just such an occasion as this. 

Let the layering begin!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Cross Process 30/30: More Cheez!

Cross Process 30/30: She Can Haz a Hotdog

Trixie-dog's famous (again). This time, she was included in a package of nifty stickers. :o) (These were our complimentary samples.)

Cross Process 29/30: Sleeping Dog

Cross Process 29/30: Sleeping Dog

Trixie snoozes in her crate.

Cross Process 28/30: A Doily a Day

Cross Process 28/30: A Doily a Day

Well, not really. I'm not quite that fast, but I have been doily-ing along. These were waiting to be blocked (which does wonders at evening things out).

Cross Process 27/30: New Project

Cross Process 27/30: New Project

Some clearance bin sock yarn and a hook (and a pattern) = hours of fun!

Cross Process 26/30: Sky

Cross Process 26/30:  Sky

An Enya-esque sky. By which I mean that this is the type of thing some of Enya's music brings to my mind's eye.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Cross Process 25/30: Clarabel

Cross Process 25/30:  Clarabel

Our new niece, Clarabel. :o)

(We were at a little family gathering at my parents' house to celebrate Carrie's birthday.)

You can see some non-cross-processed photos of Clarabel in my Flickr photostream.

Cross Process 24/30: Cheater

Cross Process 24/30:  Cheater

Down at the pond.

This is titled "Cheater" because-- oops-- I forgot to take a photo on June 24th. This is one I took the next day.