Friday, September 30, 2011

Sepia 29/30: Eskie Tail & Foot

Sepia 29/30:  Eskie Tail & Foot

Silly little poogle.  This is one of her favorite sleeping positions-- with tummy flat on the floor.  She's also partial to the "four legs in the air" position.  (g)

Sepia 28/30: Make-Do Yarn Bowl

Sepia 28/30:  Make-Do Yarn Bowl

After reading about yarn bowls, I was curious.  I tried out this ceramic flower pot I already had around the house ($1 from Dollar Tree) and have been happy with it.  It does keep the ball of yarn from rolling all over the place and collecting dog hair.  (And it does this without the holes and/or notches that "real" yarn bowls have. Maybe I've just been lucky so far...)

(The project in/on the bowl is my first crocheted hat-- a beret/slouch-style hat in red.)

Sepia 27/30: Kindle Cover

Sepia 27/30:  Kindle Cover

I accidentally deleted all my decent photos of the Kindle cover.  I'll take more, sometime, but this is the best I can do for the photo of that day. 

It's simple, but I think it'll work.  The crocheted fabric is double thick, so it should provide decent protection (as much as non-waterproof fabric can). 

Sepia 26/30: Acorn Producer

Sepia 26/30:  Acorn Producer

I noticed acorns on the ground beneath one of our little transplanted oak trees.  I think this may be the first year I've seen it make acorns...

Sepia 25/30: Gearing Up

Sepia 25/30:  Gearing Up

Gathering together the supplies to make my next crochet project-- a cover for my Kindle.

Sepia 24/30: Late September

Sepia 24/30:  Late September

Days passing by quickly, now...

Sepia 23/30: Still Hummin' Around

Sepia 23/30:  Still Hummin' Around

Most of "our" hummingbirds have cleared out, but there are still a handful hanging around.  (Or were, as of the taking of this photo.  Now I think we may be down to our last one...)

Sepia 22/30: Prickly

Sepia 22/30:  Prickly

...but only in looks.  There are no sharp needles.  If there were, I wouldn't have it in the house.  Cacti scare me (enough that I don't want them within touching distance).

Sepia 21/30: Flowerhopper

Sepia 21/30:  Flowerhopper

This grasshopper's made the little rose of sharon tree its permanent residence, I guess. 

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sepia 20/30: Trixie


She was sitting in Donald's lap at his computer desk, demanding her share of attention. ;o)

Sepia 19/30: Grasshopper

Sepia 19/30: Grasshopper

It might be the same one from the other day.  Or it might not. (g)

Sepia 18/30: Morning Glory Weed

Sepia 18/30: Morning Glory Weed

I think this is a fake "morning glory" weed.  It may not be a real morning glory, but I still like the looks of these... seed heads, I guess they are. 

Sepia 17/30: Three Apples

Sepia 17/30: Three Apples

Because fruit is such a great choice for a sepia-toned photo... ;o)  Or maybe because I was lazy and the fruit bowl was right there, in semi-decent light.  

Friday, September 16, 2011

Sepia 16/30: Oddity

Sepia 16/30:  Oddity 

At first, I thought, "Hey, it's a white grasshopper!" Then I saw that it was a freshly shed grasshopper "shell". Then I saw that the former occupant of the shell was still right there, in the process of shedding it. This was an odd day for insects. There was also a cicada sitting motionless (for quite a while) on the ground near the clothesline.

Sepia 15/30: Misbehaving Sewing Machine

Sepia 15/30:  Misbehaving Sewing Machine

Ms. Singer is being very difficult, lately.  If I can't figure out how to tame her wild moods--  and if Donald can't, either--  her days in this house may be numbered... 

Did you hear that, you aggravating hunk of plastic?  You're not irreplaceable, you know.  Not-- at-- all.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sepia 14/30: Crochet

Sepia 13/30:  Crochet

Ah, the soothing repetitiousness of crochet!  This is my current project on the hook-- a totally unnecessary scarf in lightweight yarn. 

Sepia 13/30: September Rose

Sepia 13/30: September Rose

Blooming outside the bedroom window. 

(I almost missed this day.  Oops.)

Sepia 12/30: Nectar

Sepia 12/30: Nectar

The hummingbirds have been in residence for a week or so, and we keep a couple of feeders filled for them.  These droplets are condensation on the inside of one of those feeders. 

Most of the birds we see are juveniles, I guess.  They don't have the ruby throat, at least.  There is one mature individual with a full ruby throat and dark face.  He is a tough little bird and keeps the big feeder all to himself-- won't let another bird feed at one of the other ports if he's anywhere around.  (Kind of a bully, actually.)

Monday, September 12, 2011

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Sepia 9/30: Sparkle

Sepia 9/30: Sparkle

Lindsey's bridal bouquet.

I helped decorate for the reception.  :o)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sepia 8/30: Flight

Sepia 8/30:  Flight

Scenes from the patio this fine September afternoon.  A hovering hummingbird (one of four or five visiting our feeders, having mid-air stand-offs, squeaking, and chasing one another around the yard) and a small plane repeatedly buzzing a neighboring field. 

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sepia 7/30: Afghan

Sepia 7/30:  Afghan

I'm finally, finally working on the last round of the border.  When it's all done, I'll take and post some color photos, because it looks better that way.  (Otherwise, I wouldn't have bothered changing colors and weaving in all those ends!)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sepia 6/30: Peskimo Dog

Peskimo Dog

When all else fails, photograph the dog.  ;o)

I tried a few different types of sepia tone today... The last step in my "process" tends to bump the color more toward red than I expect, so I'm trying to start out with a slightly more greenish sepia than I want, to compensate... But now I can't decide if I don't actually prefer the reddish sepia to the more neutral brown.  It's hard to decide!

Sepia 5/30: Buckeye

Sepia 5/30:  Buckeye

Enjoying the clear weather after Tropical Storm / Depression / Whatever Lee.  (I've been enjoying it, too.  Could hardly ask for better weather!)

Monday, September 5, 2011

Sepia 4/30: Beetle

Sepia 4/30:  Beetle

I still don't know what this type of bug is called, but they're pretty (for a beetle).  They have blue-black and orange coloring that contrasts nicely-- and which you of course can't see in a sepia-toned photo.  (The color version is also in my Flickr photostream.)

Sepia 3/30: Clarabel & Granny W.

Clarabel & Granny W.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Sepia 2/30: A Place to Hang Your Hat

Sepia 2/30:  A Place to Hang Your Hat

Our straw hats (for gardening / outdoor work). 

Sepia 1/30: Murky

Sepia 1/30:  Murky

Took out the garbage this morning (Thursday morning) and was greeted by a clouded sky.  (And what's more, was happy about it.  Bring on the clouds!  Bring on the rain!) 

September: Sepia

It's September, it's rainy, and I can almost believe that autumn will be here soon.  Time to take photos again.  ;o) 

This month, in an effort to speed along the autumnification process, I'm going to convert at least one photo per day to sepia tone.  (I started yesterday, but am just getting around to posting the first photo now.)