Monday, November 1, 2010

Gratitude, Day 1: Laughing Dogs

Today, the multi-talented Lisa of Polka Dot Cottage invited me to join a new group she's started on Flickr.  It's called "A Month of Gratitude", and the idea is to post-- every day for the month of November-- photos of "the sweet things in life - those little things (or big things!) for which you feel a sense of gratefulness".  (I'm going to try to take and post a photo every day of the month, on the day for which it's intended.  Let's see if I can do this without cheating.  (g))

Sounds like fun!  It's also a good way to get into the proper mood for Thanksgiving... and it gives me a good first project to break in this new photography-focused blog.

(If you think it sounds like fun, too, please click the link above and head on over to Flickr to check out the photos that have been posted so far!  Everyone is welcome to join!)

Here's my first photo of the month. (I know. My billionth photo of Trixie. Not exactly flexing my creative muscles here, am I? I didn't read about the group until this afternoon, so I didn't have much daylight left to think about it, but I'll try to challenge myself a little more in the upcoming weeks.)

Gratitude, Day 1:  Laughing Dogs

Not only do our two dogs bring us much laughter, sometimes it's not so hard to believe they're joining in with their own chuckle!

Thanks for the giggles, Trixie (and Molly, not pictured)!

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