Tuesday, February 1, 2011

January Macro Lens Wrap-Up, February B&W Start-Up

I kind of lost steam toward the end of the month, and some of the photos reflect that, but hey, at least I managed to follow the letter of the law.  ;o)  I did manage to take at least one photo a day-- each using the macro lens.   I think I've had my fill of being tied to one lens-- even if it is my favorite.  (Next time I do macro-only, they're all going to be "real", close-up macros-- not just using that lens.)

For February, I think I'll try to focus on textures and the effects of light and shadow by taking a black-and-white* photo every day. (Possibly not posted every day, but I'll do my best, when I feel like it. (g))

*Note:  I will take the photos in color, as I usually do, then convert them to b&w in the post-processing.  But when I'm taking them, I'll be thinking about them in b&w, if that makes any sense.

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