Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March: Color

My black and white February is completed, and though I ran out of steam toward the end of the month and just plodded through the last few photos, overall I got a lot of enjoyment out of it.  I tend to forget about b&w photography, so I may return to the subject in a future challenge.  However, after a month of thinking in black and white, I'm ready to return to the world of color (just in time for early spring).  I'm going to gradually work my way back into a focus on color during March.

Selective Color:
The first two weeks (March 1st through 12th) I'll be experimenting with selective color.   (That is, most of the photo will be b&w, but color is strategically left in at least one portion of the image.)

Color Emphasis:
The next two weeks, I'll focus on a specific color to emphasize in each photo-- a different color from one day to the next.

Rainbow of Color:
For the last (partial) week... I think I'll do rainbow/color wheel-themed photos.

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