Wednesday, May 4, 2011

April Wrap-Up & My Day May

April ended on a boring note (photo-wise).  I never seemed to really get into that month's photo challenge.  I ended up just repeating things I've done a hundred times before, and more than once I had to use a sub-par photo because it was the best I managed to snap (at the last minute). 

...Maybe I've had enough of the structured photo challenges, for a while.  Since May snuck up on me (and yes, I maintain that "snuck" is as much a word as "sneaked"), I decided to be a little more "go with the flow" this month and just see how that goes. 

"My Day May" is just a silly way of saying that I'll take a photo of (or relating to) something I do on that particular day.  It may not be the biggest or most important thing I've done each day (in fact, it probably won't), but I'll try to keep them from being just a string of photos of pink roses with the caption "Today I looked at a rose." ;o)

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