Wednesday, June 1, 2011

May Wrap-Up & Cross Process June

I can't seem to make it through a month-long photo "challenge" without burning out on an idea.  I even missed my first photo-a-day for 2011 this month.  (Grr.)  So I don't know if I'd call this month a smashing success... I think maybe "My Day" was a little too loose of a theme to hold my interest. (Plus I was just lazy about finding a photo that represented something I'd done each day.)  Well, May's done now, anyway, so time for a new theme...

I haven't given this a lot of thought, so it may turn out to be a very blah idea, but I think I'm going with Cross Process for June.  I'm not particularly concerned with being "accurate" in my digital cross-processing (...whatever that would mean).  I'm just using it as an excuse to play around with post-processing and (most of the time, probably) attempt either a vintage/retro look (color-wise) or just a slightly weird, unexpected effect. 

...Something like these:

Faux Vintage

Out of Frame

41/365 - Crepe Myrtle


So that's that! 

(June.  How'd it get to be June already, anyway?)

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