Sunday, July 10, 2011

(Belated) June Wrap-Up and July Intro

(I've been slacking in the blogging department.  No big surprise there, right?)

Well, despite the slacking, I had fun with my month of cross processing.  Whether the same can be said for anyone else is doubtful, but you can't please everyone, so why try to please anyone?  (As they say.)  Unfortunately, I never got around to taking a self-portrait this month, which was originally high on my mental list of photo subject ideas.  (I was too lazy.  Getting a decent self-portrait-- meaning one that I am willing to share on the Internet-- is hard, compared to just snapping Yet Another Photo of Trixie, who is so much more photogenic than I will ever be.  Alas!)  I'll just have to cross process a self-portrait the next time I do manage to take one. 

For July-- because, yes, I'm doing a month-long project for July, too, even though we're knee deep in it already and I'm over a week behind on posting-- the subject is layers/textures... Each photo will be made up of (at least) two layers-- the "main" photo layer and a textural overlay to add atmosphere.  (Or something.) According to the Rules (which I make up as I go along), the textural layer of the photo need not be taken the "day of".  Instead, I'll draw on a file of texture photos I've already taken and set aside for just such an occasion as this. 

Let the layering begin!

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