Monday, October 3, 2011

September Wrap-Up, October Intro

I changed up my sepia-ifying (sepiaing? sepification? ;o)) process a few days into September.  (Well, the process stayed about the same.  I just changed the tone of sepia.)  Looking back, I'm not sure which I prefer.  The sepia of the first few days feels richer and more dramatic, but maybe it looks overdone compared to the cleaner, lighter sepia of the rest of the month... On the other hand, the less tea-stained sepia doesn't seem that different from black and white.  I like each in its own way, though, and it would be good for me to remember that sepia can vary.

I think October's going to be a month of square-cropped photos.  It's not something I have a lot of experience doing, and for most of my photos it'll probably be fairly pointless.  (I doubt I'll be diligent about composing every photo with the square-crop in mind...)  Still, it can't do any real harm, I guess.  ;o) 

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